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Andrea was born in beautiful Rio de Janeiro, first capital of Brazil, now “only” its most iconic city. 
At age ten, her father, a Civil Engineer, was relocated with his family to New York representing his work. 
Art runs in Andrea's  family. Her father drew skillfully, which fascinated her. When asked, "what will you do when you grow up," she invariably answered, “I want to draw!” Winning first place in an art competition in grade school decided her course.  
Paternal grandmother's ancestors have ancient roots in Florence, Italy. One of the city's streets bears the family's name. Andrea likes to think their artistic leanings are linked to this marvelous capital of art.  She felt "home" when visiting "Bella Firenze". 
Initially, she developed her art through private lessons, then joined Baton Rouge Fine Arts Academy after marrying Brian Phillips who brought her to his Louisiana full of history, romance, iconic scenery and delicious cuisine. 
At BRFAA, under local legend, Larry Casso, Andrea's art was further developed.  From Mr. Casso, she received a cherished compliment: "Your Still-lifes LIVE!"
Andrea worked for years as writer/illustrator for FCC Magazine (Foundation for a Christian Civilization) and wrote/translated/illustrated/published two children's books: Jacinta's Story and Pelusa. 
She also studied with renowned National artists: Gay Faulkenberry, Kim English, Charlotte Wharton, Leonard Wren, Anne Warner, Qiang Huang, Morgan Samuel Price, Dreama Tolle Perry and  others.
From each Andrea learned something invaluable, and consistently applies acquired knowledge/technique at her easel, honing her skills at her home studio.
Andrea's subjects are varied: portraiture, figurative, landscapes, interiors, wild life, florals and still-lifes. Her preferred medium is oil, though she also paints in watercolors. 
Andrea's style is representational with impressionism. 
In 2011 she was invited to  join Associated Women in the Arts, AWA, which honor she accepted. With this exclusive organization, she regularly exhibits at the Old State Capitol, at the Louisiana State Archives, and other venues. She [...]

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