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Andrea Bojrab is an impressionist oil painter from Indiana. Indiana is her home so most of her paintings reflect the agriculture and people of the area. 
She is represented in The Castle Gallery, Fort Wayne, Indiana,  The Hoosier Salon, Indianapolis, Indiana,  and The Water Lily, Syracuse, Indiana

Mission Statement
We are all given gifts, mine is painting – or should I say, “The love of painting”.
 I was not born with a paintbrush in my hand, but instead, have spent many, many hours at my easel.  So the gift then really is the patience, perseverance and passion for seeing the wonderful in the ordinary.  It’s spending a lifetime noticing and studying the amazing spectrum of colors always before us and the way the light dances around the shadows.  It’s learning to take notice of how colors seem to be cooler or warmer when next to each other and certain colors compliment other colors.
So when I paint I live in the moment.  I lose track of time and I immerse myself in that creative place of heightened awareness and I thank God for this gift He has given me. 
 It’s a marvelous thing to be able to setup my easel outside in a meadow or wooded area and recreate my feelings or emotions of that subject onto a canvas.
 Whether the painting is successful or not is not always important.  But if the end product seems to evoke a moment in time or a feeling of presence then this to me is priceless.

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