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 I am a native of Overland Park, Kansas and now make my home with my husband in Springfield, Missouri.  In high school and college I took every available art class, but fell in love with painting.  Pondering on a degree in art or education I went the education route.  After receiving a BS and MS in education I taught physical education and coached for 26 years, retiring in 2010.  While raising a family and pursuing a career I put my art on the back burner.  In 2014, after a debilitating back surgery I was no longer able to be physically active.  No more running or golf.  My journey back to painting began in 2016 while searching for ways to fill the void.  I picked up my paint brushes again and began painting. Time seemed to fade away and I felt better. "Every so often life offers you a reset button.  When it does, you need to press it as hard as you can." -Anonymous
My passion is watercolors! Watercolor allows me to tell a story using values, colors and shadows from everyday life.  Watercolor can be unpredictable, but that is the fun and addictive visual enjoyment for me as it dances on the paper. Whether  painting  flowers, (my favorite,) still life, landscapes or portraits, watercolor flows and moves in surprising ways on the paper. Spending long hours painting I have learned that hard work, patience and determination have helped me to hone my skills.  I am mostly self taught and continue to improve through classes and workshops.
I find inspiration for my paintings everywhere!  If you take the time to look there is beauty and form all over the place.  I observe and try to capture first with a photo, unique and interesting compositions from nature, buildings, scenery, people, animals and objects.  The [...]

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