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Anand Javvaji was born in Southern India and migrated to USA in 1989.  Javvaji’s passion for art began at an early age and started with pencil drawings and water colors. He was fascinated by nature and its vibrant colors. During his college days he was inspired by his professor’s art work and painted his first landscape painting in oils on canvas.
Javvaji also created several art pieces in 3D art and sculpting with different art materials. He joined The Art Academy in New Jersey to further enhance his skills in portrait and figurative painting. Javvaji is passionate painting subjects of abstract, landscape, figurative, portrait, still life and wildlife.
Javvaji has auctioned and donated his art work to support under privileged students for their education at a Non-profit Organizational event in Baltimore. Javvaji has done commissioned art works.
After his Master’s degree in Computer engineering, Javvaji started his career as a Rocket Scientist and currently practicing as a Delivery Project Executive for a major IT corporation.

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