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At Anahata Ishaya Atelier, the atmosphere is saturated in spirituality. Meditation and art have become inseparable. Beautiful music, prayers and meditations are a natural part in the creation of the artworks.Beauty, calm, self enquiry and inner integrity are the gateposts of the artworks produced here giving you a wide platform from which to choose as a reminder for your inner tranquility.
There are Buddhist-based images, Christian-based icons or contemporary reflective artworks and illustrations to connect with.
We have lintel prints you can hang just above your main entrance or whatever door is prominent for you. It helps as a reminder to ourselves and our visitors that there are many paths to expanding our consciousness but the main foundation is to "Know Thyself".
We are also beginning a series of works which is based on the Art of Placement in your home. There are ways to place your rooms, items, furniture and your activities that bring you the highest and best energies possible to your home and all who live therein. It is called geomancy, commonly known as Feng Shui in China but its origins come from India and is called Vastu.
There is other spiritual imagery that pays homage to the extraordinariness of the ordinary and brings more sacredness into your home. Also, there are petite heart paintings; part of a greater 108 Heart Project Series. Enjoy!

Anahata Ishaya has been a meditation teacher for over 25 years and a self-directed artist for 18 years. She pulls from her experiences of life and expresses her passion for the expansion of consciousness through varying techniques, methods and mediums. Apart from teaching meditation courses and hosting a weekly meditation group, she shares new & old ways of bringing the importance of growth of awareness & Source out to the public through art. Both Anahata and her partner Orah [...]

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