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“Have easel.  Will travel.”  
Amy Waldrop (“The Barefoot Impressionist”) is a prolific American Impressionist Painter - a creative spirit, currently living in Clifton, Virginia.   She began painting at the age of 43, eventually starting her own teaching studio where, more than ten years later, she continues to learn and develop her skill while sharing her intuitive approach to creativity with artists of all ages and skill levels.
Amy has made it her passion to travel throughout Virginia and beyond to paint and teach private groups in open air (Plein air), exploring and creating new friendships and discovering beautiful destinations.   It’s not unusual in the Spring to cross paths with Amy at one of many Virginia wineries where you might find her barefoot, with brush and wine in hand.  In the winter months, you’ll find her blazing snow covered trails looking for her next inspiration.  Amy offers private lessons to artists of all ages and skill levels year-round in her Clifton Studio.  
Amy’s goal in teaching is to assist each artist along their unique artistic journey. Students learn to relax, focus, shed self-defeating negative thought patterns, clear blocks, develop self-confidence, and understand the importance of perspective (from both artistic and critical thinking standpoints). Students learn that the creative process involves the artist's ability to "be present" with their work,  silencing the mind to (conscious and unconscious) doubts and fears, thereby opening the flood-gates to creativity.
Amy believes in lifelong learning and is dedicated to independently studying the tools and techniques used by the greatest artists of the past and present, while remaining committed to her belief that art goes hand-in-hand with innovation, discovery and spirit. Amy believes that the artistic process IS the art and that there are no mistakes in life or learning, only new experiences. 
Amy's only paints what moves her.  She [...]

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