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  • Year Born: N/A

  • Price Range: $75.00 - $1,500.00
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The Artist Says:

In art, to produce familiar images and recognizable themes can be fun and pleasing.
But, one must reach into oneself to create originally. Each person is unique , and if one is true to their inner vision, their art will be something no one else has done before


For me, creation starts with an idea, memory, dream, event, experience, feeling, then shaping it into visual form.
I work in various media: oil paint, pastel, watercolour, photography; all of which express my vision in a different way. 
 I take my time and reach deeply into myself and express from my core, especially when I am working on Abstracts. This approach follows what I believe to be the style of  'Lyrical Abstraction"; a way of doing art that is characterised by  being intuitive, loose and painterly, it is spontaneous, expressive, and can contain pictorial and abstract painting styles, with an emphasis on the sensuous and romantic use of color and shapes.
 This style is also useful when I am working on reality-based subjects, which gives them unique character; sometimes intentionally distorted, primitive, raw and exaggeratedly colourful.
 In Nevada, where I live, I am surrounded by natural architecture:  the stark drama of the mountains and vast open space, the surprising congruence of different land forms illuminated with the ineffable accidents of light and rapid changes of mood that are so unique to the West.
I am inspired to capture these natural occurrences in a special moment, as well as adding my feelings and thoughts to the mix.
As humans, a way to bridge the gap of our separateness is with the Arts, visual art being one of them. When a work of art is genuine, it resonates with the collective unconscious and stimulates a feeling of connectedness and wonder.
These quotes attributed to Jackson Pollack resonated with me because of the way he described his internal state instinctively and subconsciously informing what he externally expressed in his work, without the constraints of technique and reality.
"Something in me knows where I am going....Painting is a state of being. Painting is self discovery..."
"Every good artist  paints what he(she) is'.
"Art is coming face to face with yourself"


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