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    Amy Queen Chappin grew up with an artistic mother and two grandmothers.  She was always interested in drawing and observing the things around her.  She received an art scholarship in 1993 to Lipscomb University where she studied Art with Dawn Whitelaw and was introduced to colorist Anne Templeton.  Painting Alla Prima and Plein Air has produced an energetic style that shows the movement of natural things. Amy has been a member of the Portrait Society of America for around 20 years and is collected in homes across Europe and the States. The challenge of painting live musicians and weddings is a thrill for her and she is available for hire for different events. 
"I love to soak in nature and do my best to recreate the feeling it gives me in plein air.  My favorite thing about painting is the attempt to capture the sitter's personality or the landscape’s atmosphere.  I love to work with all different kinds of people and see lots of different places.  My favorite subject matter is my children and anything related to the joy of childhood.  It is a blessing to have such an interesting and challenging profession!"

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