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I have always been inspired by the drawings of the Great Masters - Leonardo DaVinci, Michelangelo and the other great artists of the Renaissance era.  Even though I agree that their paintings are masterpieces, it is their drawings that hold my fascination.  The subtle line, the attention to detail and the emotion that they were able to produce with a few strokes are what inspire me to draw.
I truly believe that the first five minutes can make or break your drawing.  If you are able to capture the attitude or expression of the model within a quick gesture, then the rest of the drawing will fall into place more easily.  But without capturing this early, you will fight with your drawing the entire way.  My theory is... why spend three, five or ten hours on a drawing if the fundamental core of the drawing is wrong?
You canít run before you walk.  You also canít paint before you draw.  This, the greats knew and therefore, they mastered the art of drawing before they mastered the art of painting.  And even after that, they still continued to draw.
About the Artist - Amy Foster
As a 1994 graduate of the Center for Creative Studies - College of Art and Design in Detroit, Amy Foster received a well rounded education in the field of illustration, graphic design and the fine arts.  While she may dabble in painting and sculpting, Amyís true passion is drawing and her favorite subject matter is the figure... male or female, youthful or mature, portrait or full figure, clothed or tastefully nude.
In 1999, Amy went into business for herself as a freelance artist and an art instructor.  After teaching at a number of local institutions including her alma mater, now renamed the College for Creative Studies, she decided to open her own art studio in Richmond, Michigan.  She still travels to teach workshops and some weekly classes... her latest location [...]

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