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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.amyevansart.com

  • Year Born: 1951

  • I recently exhibited a painting in the Master Signature Division of the National Juried Women Artists of the West 50th Anniversary Show .

  • I will be featured as one of the 10 Landscape artists in the June Southwest Art Magazine.

  • I am a Master Signature Emeritus member of Women Artists of the West and a Signature member of Plein Air Artists of America

  • Price Range: $225.00 - $10,000.00

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The Artist Says:

I feel a connection with nature and how it touches my soul.I especially love watching light caress an object and then capturing it with paint. It is knowing I can successfully translate this feeling and emotion that inspires me to paint.
As an intuitive painter I love it when something in nature catches my eye.  It stirs something inside me which starts the process of asking “why” am I so intrigued with this scene.  It is because of this simple question I start my painting process.  Painting plein air is where I feel I can gather the magic and emotion of the scene.  Sometimes it isn’t possible to finish a painting while in nature, so with the aid of reference photos and carefully written notes I am able to keep that feeling I want the painting to portray.
My paintings bring joy as well as a sense of peace to me. They hopefully invoke those same feelings to the viewer. They are windows opening back to a fleeting moment. They are a visual record of that place in time.

Collectors Say:

It has arrived!!!! This gorgeous painting by Amy Evans. It is so lovely and tranquil.Buying art instead of hoarding toilet paper is a much better idea!Thank you Amy Evans Art for the amazing service.- Stacy Harman Holloway.

Other Artists Say:

"I so enjoy getting your newsletters and seeing your amazing art. So right.... The world needs ART! It is a crazy world. I took some lessons from you at your beautiful mountain home in October 2014, learned so much from you in such a short time. I'm heading to Taos the first of August to study with some artist, for 2 months, I'm hooked on plein air painting! Stay in touch. Peace, love and cobalt blue, " Ginny. 


“ My paintings are windows into the beauty of our world for our homes and workspaces. They create a sanctuary of beauty wherever they are placed. "
-Amy Evans
 I have always loved to create. I was fortunate to have some grade school teachers who recognized my early love of drawing and painting and encouraged my parents to help nurture my passion. One of my fondest memories is taking lessons from a local professional artist in her huge studio over old cotton warehouses where I lived in Shreveport, LA. 
I continued my art lessons through high school and was often recruited to illustrate school and church projects. 
I was hesitant to major in Art in college since I had not studied art formally in school. I felt I didn't have the background. My first art professor changed my thoughts when she told me that hard work was the key to being a successful artist and that you could begin at any time.
I ended up graduating from Rhodes College with my degree in Art with Distinction. My main interest was [...]

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