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I have walked many paths in life, some chosen, many not. Just as life is a journey, my approach to art is a search- the type of search that feels like a longing and ends in a surrender to the creative process itself. Sometimes I am drawn to the absurd, and sometimes beauty, but I find the subjective nature of beauty limiting. What interests me most is the sublime, the curious, and the space in between. My work is the exploration of relationships and resistance, both arising internally and externally. The visual arts are a form of language that transcends time and culture. At times, my work is a window into my subconscious, and, at other times, a snapshot of my reactivity, my comfort, and my discomfort revealed. Whether I'm diving into the complexities presented by the nuances of being female in male dominated professions, exerting a sense of self in a long term marriage, or balancing my rebel self with the duties of motherhood to three children, now teens, I find that I am always examining and refining my identity through my work.
In 2019 I started working with neurodivergent artists as a coach and mentor.  Their impact on my life, and therefore my artistic practice, has been profound.  I have become more aware of my own emotional reactivity and more attuned to the subtleties of human expression.  Through this work I have explored first hand the value of the dignity of failure, celebrated the beauty of intersectionality and inclusion, and borne witness to the joy that arises simply by allowing space for neurodivergent artists to fully explore their own identity in a safe and inclusive environment.
I love working with oil paint, including creating large scale pieces using pastel ground, oil and watercolor, but I have also opened to the contemporary [...]

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