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Most of my working life was spent in the field of graphic design. I have worked as a designer, illustrator, art director, and creative director over the course of my career.  As an art director it was my good fortune to work with some of the best illustrators from around the world and that experience inspired me to renew my love for drawing and painting. Now that I have entered the realm of the 7-day weekend I’m devoting myself to the continued study and practice of picture making.

Most of my work is done in the studio but painting on location is becoming an increasingly important part of my work. Painting from life keeps me honest. When working directly from life, technology is set aside and my eyes and brain become the only filter for what goes on the canvas.

Painting is like having a dialogue with the world and the resulting image is visible evidence of the discussion. Some conversations are more successful than others, or rather some of the translations are more successful than others. My goal is to translate my interactions with the world into images that communicate emotion as well as the visual representation of the subject.

Artists are interpreters who share their particular view of the world with anyone who cares to see it, and anyone willing to look gains a broader perspective, and hopefully some pleasure from the experience.

Thank you for taking the time to explore my work.

36th Annual West Coast Paper Art Exhibition: Sept. 2008
International Artist magazine, Landscape Finalist, Issue 65 February / March  2009 International Artist magazine, Landscape Finalist, Issue 71  February / March 2010

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