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     Allyson Shoun, a western artist, was born in Orange County California in 1970. With artist parents, Allyson’s appreciation of art started early while spending time at the Laguna School of Art. Allyson learned about different mediums, like only a child could, from so many different artists.  Trips to a family friend’s ranch greatly influenced Allyson and that influence would stay with her the rest of her life.
         Growing up, art continued to be important to Allyson and was fueled by acceptance into art shows and awards in high school and college as she continued to explore new mediums, including ceramics and painting.  After selling her first commissioned piece when she was 18, a career began that has continued from the past to the present. Her award winning paintings and drawings are in private collections nationally.
      Today Allyson lives with her husband, Jerry.  They split their time between their home in Arvada, Colorado and their cattle ranch in Meriden, Wyoming. Jerry and Allyson have two daughters, Emma and Samantha, who attend college at CU Denver and The University of Denver. 
 Allyson is inspired by the two different worlds she lives in and the way she sees one because of the other.    “When I was young we would take road trips through Wyoming.  I would listen to people complain about the drive and I never understood why.  I would watch out the window at the wide open spaces and dream of a home there one day. It is a good thing my husband felt the same way. The experiences we have on the ranch and the time spent with our family and friends is what inspires my art the most.”
     Currently, Allyson is working in pencil, pastels and acrylic; drawing from her photographs of western subjects, and if she doesn’t have a pencil [...]

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