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Allen Stamper was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. In 1964 he attended the Honolulu Academy of Arts  where he studied drawing with Joe Feher while  apprenticing painting restoration with his father, Willson Stamper ..  In 1965 he began an apprenticeship in traditional sculpture with New York sculptor, Eddie Schillaci..Later he  briefly studied dark to light painting techniques with Snowden Hodges
   His style reflects both formalism and the simultaneous  deconstruction of classical  method. In essence  to break free of any  paradigms in an effort for brutal frankness about our pschological identity;  to examine who we are without unnecessary contrivance or posturing.
Stamper's work hangs throughout the United States in private collections; additionally he is represented in collections in the United Kingdom, Europe, Korea and Japan.
He currently resides in NYC with his partner and maintains a studio in the  “The Nest Arts factory” In Bridgeport CT

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