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In college I first studied architecture, but changed course to graduate with a BFA with a concentration in pottery. My first art career was as a studio potter for 25 years.  That was followed by a career in decorative wall finishes, faux painting, cabinetry finishing and the occasional mural project. Never one to sit still, I turned my attention to fine art painting which has developed into a concentration on representational work, including photorealism, paintings intended to look like photographs. To counter my tendency towards to much realism I also work in pastels which is a quicker more immediate medium.
My source material is from photographs I have taken. I usually have a subject in mind, will visit the location and generally plan to return to take pictures when I think the light will be the most interesting.  
I have looked closely at other artist's work throughout my life to see how they portray their subject matter; how do they draw the viewer in with color and composition.  My work is a very thought-out process especially at the beginning of a painting.  It is a puzzle to solve. What brush strokes to use to portray a texture in two dimensions? However the paint or pastels begins to take on a life of its own. It may go through some ugly stages while I build the groundwork.  And the bits I am not able to preconceive sort themselves out.

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