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Graduated Loyola University in Theatre (1976)after extensive year round study four years in theatre scenic and opera painting. Professional Theatre and Opera experience included, Lyric Opera of Chicago, University of Chicago Court Theatre, Northwestern Summer Court Theatre, (1970's original: Organic Theatre, Stepping Wolf Theatre, Apollo Theatre, Wisdom Brigde Theatre, Goodman Theatre). Professional assistant painter in a trade scenic shop in Chicago over eight years when the above theatres began rehabilitation.
I now produce most of my paintings on linen canvas with brass grommet hanging holes(a rendition of original theatre backdrop and scene fly scrim making) or on lightweight luan board using tempera, acrylic, latex, oils and varnishes many enlargment are best seen as peripheral art, street eye-catching and comfortable amusement art. Looks like a sign at an art fair or something to hang on wall that looks like it hung off a street lamp. For more serious drawings including landscape, cartoon, suggestive nude, dramatic expression or liturgical digest a complement to your taste can become a fundament style, as Allan creates. [...]

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