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            When surrounded by natural beauty, some can only gaze in awe. Artist Alison Parsons channels that beauty into vibrant paintings saturated with color.
            She began her journey into color when she lived in the Seychelles, a tropical island off the east coast of Africa. The island’s flora and fauna made their way into her paintings, which at once caught the lavish hues from her surroundings. As she puts it, “Within moments of our arrival everything smelled, tasted, looked, felt, and sounded larger than life. We lived amidst a jungle of exotic spice and fruit trees.  Living in a tropical paradise was absolutely energizing. At once I began to paint with saturated color and it continues to this day regardless of subject or medium.”
            Her work doesn’t stop with tropical plants: Alison has counted landscapes, the unique architecture of Bathhouse Row in Hot Springs, and the frenzied energy of the Oaklawn Jockey Club among her artistic subjects. Working in both acrylic and watercolor, she brings a sense of life to iconic Hot Springs landmarks. Alison also works with gold leaf paintings that glimmer with the brilliance of her surroundings. Her lively brushstrokes and bold color choices have made her a favorite of local residents and national collectors. Of her style and technique, Alison says, “My acrylic work explores a direction implementing loose, spontaneous brushwork. What distinguishes this from my traditional watercolors is my intuitive approach to each painting, allowing the work to unfold spontaneously. Moving from representational to abstract expressionism allows me the freedom to translate what I see and how I feel about it.  No matter what subject matter, I respond to the moment by expressing it with my interpretation of how I feel about what I am seeing."
            She attended college at Henderson State University in Arkadelphia, Arkansas where [...]

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