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  • FASO Artist Website: http://www.alisashea.com

  • Year Born: 1974

  • Started painting in 2014; no formal art education or training

  • Holds degrees in Occupational Therapy and Public Health

  • Owes her sanity to her English Bulldog, Lucy

  • Price Range: $400.00 - $3,200.00
    (This price range was estimated with limited info and may be inaccurate)

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Alisa Shea is a child of the 70s from Normal (yes, Normal), Illinois.  Despite a clear passion and aptitude for fine art, Ms. Shea was persuaded to forego an art education in favor of more practical pursuits.  In 2013—two decades, two degrees, and several unrelated jobs later—she had a midlife crisis decided she could no longer defer her artistic goals, and left an established career in health outcomes research in order to pursue painting full time.  Ms. Shea currently works exclusively in watercolor.  She  lives and works in Northport, New York with her husband, two sons, and one beautiful English bulldog.  She has no representation, hoards her work in the closet, and paints in the kitchen surrounded by her husband's stupid records [the sale of which actually makes Ms. Shea's art "career" financially possible, so she guesses they're not that stupid afterall].
I am a long-time frustrated artist who recently quit a decades long career in an unrelated field in order to pursue my creative passions full time.  I've been an occupational therapist and a health outcomes researcher. Go ahead, search PubMed for "AM Shea"... and the next time you’re having trouble sleeping? "Resource use and costs of branch and central retinal vein occlusion in the elderly." You’re welcome.
Inspired by the stress of my high pressure consulting job, my nanny's arrest, my husband's diagnosis of early-onset Parkinson's disease, and my impending 40th birthday--ALL AT THE SAME TIME--I took a hint from the universe and quit my "real" job in the fall of 2013. Shortly thereafter, I took my first ever watercolor class at my local art league and I immediately fell in love.
I paint in watercolor because it scares me.  I love its quirky unpredictability.  I love the twinge of anxiety I feel every [...]

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