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We are all teachers,  we are all learners.


As a retired educator looking for new challenges, some years ago I changed my focus from public education to art exploration and new adventures. This included my journey from realism to abstraction. With the support of various art teachers and a dedicated mentor, I am finding my way to fun and fearless creativity. This includes playing with acrylic paints and mediums on paper, wood panels, and various other surfaces, as well as oil and cold wax.  I also collage using rice and cotton papers, and an array of repurposed materials.  Mark- making tools from just about any source add fun and freedom to my mixed media expressions. As you will see on my website, my portfolio includes abstracts, abstracted landscapes and various other genres, and is constantly evolving.
At times I start with a landform or picture in mind and build from there, always striving toward abstraction. At other times, I start with a free-wheeling abstracted base, and layer after layer, watch to see what the piece becomes. With both approaches, I think about juxtaposing natural forms with an imposed structure that accentuates the feel and movement of the natural form. 
With the goal of achieving different levels of abstraction, I hope to lead the viewer to see and think beyond the obvious, to what might lie hidden beneath. If the viewer studies my art, and questions arise, as well as recognition, then I feel I have reached that viewer. My art journey has been anything but a straight line from intent to expression. But I am at a point now where I value the “play” as much or more than the product. Playing with paint feeds my soul!
My professional career as an educator led me to many opportunities to mentor adults as well as young children in my care. I believe mentoring [...]

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