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Hello!Nature speaks to my soul, making me feel alive and connected at the same time. My hope is for others to experience a similar connection through my photographs. I invite viewers to be drawn in, enjoy the color, feeling, appreciate nature and develop a desire to preserve it. I realize not everyone can get outside and readily explore nature therefore, my aspiration is for my images to bring them joy and a sense of peace.Ever since my childhood, I have always been drawn to beautiful images, artwork and places. Born in the Boston area and then moving to San Diego, I grew up with access to museums, where I could view photographs, paintings, and sculpture. I have always had a love for glossy images in various magazines. I was drawn to National Geographic, Vogue, other fashion magazines, and Architectural Digest. My desire to create such images as seen in magazines and art museums was always innate in me. 
I reside in Southern California with my husband, Edward, two teenagers, and our Australian Labradoodle, Cassie. I enjoy exploring in nature especially in our home town, around the United States and anywhere our passports take us. I especially enjoy wildlife safaris and birding opportunities. My images have been juried into a photography exhibition, earned awards and featured on photography group home pages. Here are some of those notables:
* Fiery Flower will be on exhibition at the San Diego County Fair Photography Exhibition June 8 - July 4, 2022
* Incognito Pelican won a Bronze Award in the Bokeh Contest held by Lightchasers Photography Club in San Diego, California 12/11/21
* Sunset Through Arch at South Tufas earned a FAV15 Award in the October Boldbrush Art Contest by Fine Art Studios Online 10/21
* Garden Surprise earned a FAV15 Award in the October Boldbrush Art Contest by Fine Art [...]

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