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I studied fine art in Hong Kong when I was 20s. Thereafter I had studied with Kei King Chung a teacher at the Central Academy of Fine Art, Peking. In early 90 I immigrated to US with my family. Since then I have studied with American artists like Robert E. Wood and Milford Zornes and had sold watercolor paintings in gallery. A few years later I discovered that i don't improve with my watercolor, therefore I started  to paint with oil in order to be better. Since then I have learned with oil-painters like Shuqiao Zhou, Sunny Apinchapong, Mark Kerckhoff, John Cosby, Ken Auster and Mian Situ.
I enjoy being in nature and paint in the fresh air under the sun . California is really the place for me. I find my subject in the urban as well rural areas. I am motivated by the subject that I like. That's the time I would have a nice painting. Subjects I like give me feeling and energy. I usually paint by myself or with few friends. I believe everyone is unique. If artist go for what his/her feeling, his/her painting will touch viewers

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