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Hello I'm Alex Perez, I was born in Brooklyn New York in Sept. 1961. My early childhood memories of visiting New York museums on school field trips will forever be etched in my mind. It was where I veiwed some of the great works of The Hudson River School Artist. Little did I know that the works of Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Moran would be an influence later in my life.
At the age of nineteen I moved west to Southern California where I fell in love with the landscapes and all the outdoor activities it had to offer. My career in art started at the age thirty three when I taught myself how to paint with the Airbrush. I took on any job that came my way. I painted everthing from Sport Banners to Wall Murals. It was fun but I had a burning desire to do more.                        
After my forty fifth birthday I made the transition to the Fine Arts painting in Acrylic and Oil. Within three years I was painting at a professional level. I can testify to the saying " An Artist life is a hard life", but I am enjoying it. People often ask me why have I chosen a career in Art and I don't hesitate to reply " GOD told me to become an Artist " .
I feel that painting is like the journey we call life. Day by day I grow with every experience I encounter. I am strengthened by the challenging times and I rejoice in the satisfaction that good productivity brings. When I'm painting I'm expressing my love, passion and appreciation for all of GODS creations. In 2011 my wife Lisa and I moved to Northern California where we are surrounded by the beautiful Eastern Sierra's. It is where I'm often found painting En Plein Air. I thank [...]

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