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I am captivated by light cascading over shapes, and fascinated by the interplay of light and shadow revealing and obscuring carving form and describing color. The challenge to translate these qualities into a painting, while striving to balance the formal art-making concerns of composition, rhythm, color balance, lost and found edges gives each of my pieces its particular character and flavor.

Born in Savannah, Georgia and raised throughout the United States and Europe, Alex recently moved back from her previous home located along a meandering stream in the small village in Germany, to her new home adjacent to a sometimes flowing acequia, up in the mountains above Arroyo Seco, New Mexico – another small village, but one vibrant with new character, new colors and entirely new sort of land, light and architecture.
A variety of influences and life events shaped Alex's work, causing it to grow, mature and transform. While attaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Drawing and Painting at the University of Georgia in the early '70s, Alex's art centered on large abstracts and semi-representative figurative subjects in oil. Fascinated with the beauty of human anatomy, Alex completed a Masters of Art degree in Medical & Biological Illustration at the University of California, San Francisco in 1985.
Alex worked for eight years as a medical illustrator for the U.S. government. As her career grew she moved from illustration into supervision and management. During those years she focused in her "free" time on her passion for painting and her concern for endangered species by completing a series of very tightly rendered dry-brush watercolor wildlife artworks. Frustrated by the lack of time she could dedicate to her creative gift and true love, Alex made the hard choice. In 1993 Alexandrine Bartlett left a successful career as a Medical Illustrator and dedicated her [...]

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