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I have worn many hats in my life but there is none greater than being an artist and expressing my love for all animals - great and small - and for this incredible planet that we live on. 


Alexandra Saunders is a Bay Area based wildlife conservation artist creating hyper-realistic wildlife portraits working in oils, colored pencils and pastels.
Just as each human is an individual with unique characteristics with their own story to tell, so is it with all living beings on the planet.  It is this sense of mystery and wonder that most fascinates her and she taps into when she is painting. Her work is deeply empathic, spotlighting individuals who just happen to be endangered and threatened species. 
As a child she was exposed to the beauty of the natural world when her family moved to Java and spent time exploring the rainforests. This instilled in her a deep love for nature, inspiring her to pursue her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Conservation of Natural Resources at the University of California, Berkeley.
She worked as an Environmental Researcher at Lawrence National Laboratories, later moving into the world of finance, corporate responsibility and sustainability. She is deeply committed to conservation and is the recipient of the prestigious Orangutan Republik Foundation Pongo Award for her work in commerce supporting the conservation of orangutans. 
When the pandemic hit, she took the opportunity to combine her love of art with her love for wildlife and her lifelong passion to protect Earth’s ecosystems.
She is an active member of Artists for Conservation and with the sales of her works, donates proceeds to sanctuaries and conservation. 
Discover more about her at https://www.alexandrasaunders.com, and on Instagram @alexandrasaundersart

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