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When I paint, I keep in mind the principles of how light interacts with form while painting in an impressionistic manner, resulting in something I'd describe as impressionistic realism. I work both in my home studio and out in the field. Painting inside the studio usually leads to more detailed works, whereas painting outdoors reminds me of the power in establishing the big picture first and addressing details later, only where they are needed, to create the illusion of reality. I look for beautiful simplicity and find myself returning to this approach time and time again.
Light and atmosphere is important to me. I especially love the atmosphere and lush greens of the woods. There is no place quite like the woods for me. Painting there takes me back to my childhood days, when I would play around in the backyard woods of my home all the time, losing myself to my own imagination. The difference is that back then I would pretend that sticks were swords to hunt monsters, whereas now I look at those same sticks mesmerized by how the light falls on them, wanting to tell others how beautiful something mundane and normally overlooked can be when you take a second to truly look at it. I want to let others know about the breathtaking beauty and symphonies of colour in my surroundings, taking it all in to then record it with a brush in such a way that someone else hopefully may feel what I feel looking at it: in awe and at peace. When I was younger I was loud and wild. These days I try to quiet down and listen more. Look more. Paint more.
-Alexander Fjelnseth
Alexander was born in 1987 in Gothenburg, Sweden, and now lives in Trollhättan, Sweden. He is self-taught and has been working professionally as [...]

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