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         ..born and raised in a small harbor-town in San Diego.  My town was simple.  With simple people and old houses.  Backyards with orange and fig trees.   Maybe I got my vintage taste for life from this place.   Early art memories are from grade school.  I loved finger painting and mixing colours.  Anything with crafts.
I don't come from a family of artists.  Ironically, life at times becomes a maze of sorts and your wits is all your left with to navigate through.  Despite emerging through different ends, the art path would manifest itself in subtle ways.
 I eventually,  stumbled upon a moment that cemented the idea of pursuing painting.  I don't know what it would amount to, but it would bring a sense of resolve.   I was introduced to William Adolphe Bouguereau.  A print maker at a flea market.  I asked him about some art books he had displayed on a large table.  The picture paintings in the book were stunning. They appeared to have a rich, yet subdued green undertone.  He said those are paintings by Bouguereau.  Obviously, I didn't know who he was, but was beyond amazed after he told me this.
So inspired from that point on, and not necessarily following a Bouguereau path.   I focused getting better at drawing and implemented various approaches with painting.  At the same time, added books and a few local classes.  I'm primarily self taught.  There are a few contemporary artists that I wanted to take courses with, but my artistic ideals we're evolving quickly,  which then led me into other painting avenues. 
Thus far, I've managed a connection with painting getting the point across.   That instant of wonder, where the impression lives for the moment, and the many things you see,  have to be extracted for the quintessential aspects.  A simple [...]

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