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Artist Bio
Alan Pierrot was born in Detroit, Michigan in 1940.  After careers as an orthopedic surgeon and health care executive, he painted for the first time in 2006.  His art education has been self-directed though guided by master artists through workshops, videos and one on one mentoring.   He works almost entirely in oils.  He lives with his wife, Judie, in Fresno, California.
Artist’s Statement
I like to paint, especially in oils.  I like the challenge of it.  I never grow tired of the pursuit of depth, dimension, perspective, clarity and mystery on a two-dimension surface.  When I am successful, I find the product, the painting, to be timeless for me.  I don’t tire of looking at it, asking questions of it, considering alternatives to it.  It is an exploration without end but filled with wonderment, like opening a present within a present.
Sometimes I wonder if my paintings, taken together, are a pictorial representation of a common occurrence in my former profession, a counseling session with a patient.  I see my art as my attempt to show to others the beauty in life and our surroundings, the expression of a fresh perspective, the demonstration of a healthier reality grounded in clarity and light and depth and accuracy of observation.  Fuzzy thinking and fuzzy art trouble me.  So here I am, looking for that balance between accuracy and mystery, line and dimension, range and focus, color and harmony, accuracy and expression, and wondering with each painting whether I’ve met the standard, learned a skill, conveyed an idea, and, most of all, produced something enjoyable and engaging.  Like orthopedic surgery, painting well isn’t easy, and that’s the challenge of it and the joy of it.
My sincere thanks to a number of artists who were so encouraging in the early days when I was wondering what in [...]

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