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Alan F.Gordon was born in Asheville, North Carolina. After graduating from UNC-Chapel Hill in 1971, Alan went back to Asheville to run a successful chain of retail stores and an advertising agency. After retiring from his first career, Alan and his wife moved to Blowing Rock, NC in The High Country of NC in 1992. He has been both an active North Carolina Realtor® and an artist.

Alan is presently a 25 years Realtor , He is Broker / Owner  of ROCK Real Estate Group in Blowing Rock, North Carolina.

Back to ART....
Alan says, “Cheers to artist, ART, and personal expression!”

We are all artist in some way, form, or fashion. Of course if I had 20/20 hindsight vision, I would have pursued art a long time ago.” However, “wherever we are... is where we are.” So jump right in now!
As a self taught artist, I  paint whatever the voices in my head tell me to paint. And that is sometimes very frustrating, because... what I see can be difficult to convey on paper. But when it happens, I rejoice in my own determination!
 I am a published book illustrator. 
Below is a wonderful book written by Alan Cohen....that I illustrated. It is listed on Amazon.com
  I have worked as an Editorial & Trade Magazine cartoonist.
Here is the cover painting for  Carolina Mountain Life . Great circulation of approximately 100,000 readers.They also did a wonderful article about my art. Thank you to Babbette and Julie.
Winner of EXHIBEO Top Tier Award;            
As a writer & speaker, I am passionate about "ART & HEALTH" and have written articles on the positive effects of creating. I have spoken to groups on this very important subject.

As a Painter, my media is mixed with a combination of watercolor, pen, & ink.

I really [...]

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