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Life is about making your art, whatever that art may be.  Here is my study. Most of my work is centered on catching a moment, idea, or feeling that moved me extraordinarily.   Texture is an important element in my style.  It makes the work come alive and adds to the whimsical, grandiose, and sensual appeal featured in the works.  I tend to use a singular vibrant color that captures the essence of the subject matter.
I started taking oil painting classes at the age of nine in the suburbs of Chicago.  Once I had an understanding of technique, my own style developed out of trying to capture how I saw things. Out of fear that art school would turn my love of art into something stressful and forced, I opted to get a practical BA or two. I studied at Boston University. As a freshman won 3rd place in the Darwin Bicentennial Art Competition and was the only finalist to erect their piece on campus. After brief involvement with a local art gallery I decided I preferred to keep painting as a means for enjoyment rather than a possible income. Finally I have reached a point where the influence of financial gain will not effect the art I want to make or sell.  Thus, they can be shared with no loss of integrity to my future works. 

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