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Adam Baker
For much of my life, I called northern Nevada my home. My dad worked in the copper mines, which kept us moving around quite a bit. I have always been inspired particularly by the miners, ranchers loggers and cowboys I have come to know in my travels. I suppose that’s why my paintings are heavily influenced by my love of the American west where I grew up. I currently reside just outside of Santa Fe, New Mexico. 
I work primarily in oils, but I do like to explore other mediums as well. My main goal with a painting is to simply portray people caught in the act of being human.  I’ve been a professional barber for thirty three years now, which has actually served as a rather unintentional catalyst for my art work. Most of the paintings I’ve done have been of customers who were generous enough to model for me. Interesting people who have sat in my barber chair over the years have often wound up as characters in my paintings. 
As an artist, I don’t believe I “create” anything.  To "create" is to bring something into existence from nothing.  I can't do that.  I can only assemble what I see, through visually rearranging things that were already in existence long before I ever arrived.  I believe that there is only one Creator.  The best I can do is to try and “quote” the things that God has visually gifted me, and that's a whole lot of fun!  
I am thankful. 

My work has been featured on Oregon Public Broadcasting’s Oregon Art Beat, and appeared in several publications including, International Artist’s Magazine’s “100 ways to paint People & Figures,” V-8 Times Magazine For Early Ford Enthusiasts, Nevada Magazine, and several national news papers throughout most of north America.  

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