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In the early 1940's, our westside Detroit neighborhood was middle-class. Our house was designed and built by my architect grandfather. My father made a decent living as a paint chemist for the automobile industry. Both he and my mother were artists, although none of their works survive.
At age twelve I took drawing lessons from an artist friend of my mother's, delivered newspapers, and later, set pins at the bowling alley, made milk shakes at the drug store and stocked shelves at the grocery store. Aside from a 3-year stint in the Army, I've worked my entire life until retiring at 65.  
My drawing interest reemerged in the mid 1970's when I became a member of Grand Valley Artists in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I also began painting, first in oil then with acrylics. From 1980 until I retired I produced absolutely nothing. My job required a lot of overseas travel that allowed virtually no time for art except for an occasional visit to an art museum (between you and me...at the Louvre, I expected the Mona Lisa to be a larger painting).
So I spent the first nine months of retirement, golfing. Then with the encouragement of a family of runners, I began running. One full marathon, 23 half marathons and many other races...283 in all, so far.
Now with less golfing, it left a void that eventually was filled by returning to drawing and painting. I paint in my downstairs studio essentially everyday. Each painting I do engages 99% of my attention, with the remaining 1%,  listening to Mozart. Subject matter is whatever sparks an interest in my mind, although I'm presently focused on semi-abstract landscapes.
There is a lot more about me and some of my 1970's work on an older web site..."whitesfolly.com". You should pay a visit.
Many thanks for your time.

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