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      Graphite, charcoal, watercolor, printmaking, pastels, monoprinting, acrylic and oil painting have all been familiar to Leslie for the greater part of her life.  Her twenty years of teaching high school art honed her skills in explaining concepts and techniques as well as crystallized personal perceptions and working methods.
       She enjoys still lifes because of the ease with which they are set up and preserved for as much time as needed. Currently plein air painting intrigues her because being surrounded by nature challenges her to capture the changing light and moods of the countryside.  For her, this is a sharp contrast to work done in the studio.  An outdoor presence offers an immediacy in experiencing differing textures, shapes, colors, and values and stretches her out of her methodical comfort zone.
        Currently her work includes both studio and plein air oil painting.  Each complements the other.  The spontaneity of plein air combined with the orderly development in the studio subdues the impatient energy in the field.  These two approaches merge and increase the vitality of her work.
Landscape painting, especially plein air, is simultaneously exhilarating, peaceful, and demanding. When standing outside and considering a potential scene, there is such an incredible variety of light effects, land formations, shadows, smells, sounds, trees, seasons, and textures - and I am overwhelmed.  I have heard it said that creation is God’s first missionary.  Communicating something deep within about experiencing God’s fingerprint in creation has become my goal. And I recognize that the desire to create is God’s fingerprint in me. 

February, 2021, Mooresville Art Guild Winter Juried Exhibition, Juror’s Choice
February, 2020, Mooresville Art Guild Winter Juried Exhibition, First Place
January, 2018, Mooresville Art Guild Winter Juried Art Exhibition, [...]

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