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Painting is my way to connect with life. I find joy in the visible world, and New York is a city full of visual stimulation. Achieving a representation of reality through the use of color is my highest pleasure, so I strive for a simple expression of what I see, augmented by a love of Central Park. I enjoy painting en plein air during warm weather and complete studio works during the winter months.
Central Park is an artist’s dreamscape, and Olmstead and Vaux knew how to provide enough material for any tree lover. I try to find out-of-the-way subjects to paint, but I also like the views of iconic tourist attractions as well.
The process is straightforward: I make a study outdoors, and the oil sketch, along with photographic reference, are used to make a larger composition on a canvas or panel in the studio.
My work is not photo realistic; it is more expressionist as I prefer to leave the brushwork visible to give some life to the painting. But I can give full resolution to a painting so that it has a look of completeness to it. In the end, I hope to achieve a calm, striking, or rapturous mood and realize the beauty of the natural world. When deep feeling and visual truth are balanced in a harmonious and expressive manner, I can put down the paintbrush.
The best part of the whole creative enterprise is that I start out young and fresh every day and will still find fun in working all day long. I can think of no other way of life as rewarding as the art life, and I will always find a challenge and a comfort in painting.
I am a Pratt graduate who majored in illustration. I have taught art at the Atlanta College of Art and [...]

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