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Ancient Art Form Contemporary Lifestyle 


Wah-lee-tah-kah   Won-cha
(Brave One)
Doug Fountain embodies the spirit and the power of the Great American Indian.
A direct descendant of the legendary Chief Sitting Bull, Doug and his family are proud members of the Spirit Lake Dakota Sioux tribe.  This distinguished legacy uniquely enables this extraordinary artist to use the knowledge and wisdom of his heritage to create his original, one-of a kind, limited edition Art.
Fountain’s impressive body of work includes totems, masks, sculptures, his continuing energy series and the circles of life series.
Fountain creates museum quality pieces of art, which are conceived on the legends and proud traditions of his people.
Each dot represents a prayer of thankfulness, each triangle represents unity and each rectangle represents family.  These symbols represent the strength of character, their struggle to survival, their honor and deep respect for Mother Earth and Father Sky.  All of these elements come together to create the journeys and experiences of our lives.  (Connecting Energy)
Trained as an architectural engineer and then as professional photographer, Fountain believes he was called to his creative work to elevate the awareness of tradition in the culture of the Native American Indians to their universal love and respect for the Earth and all its elements.
Fountain credits his success and the enormous interest in work to his firm belief in positive affirmations, a genuine belief in himself and his joy in creating his work.
“The greatest lesson I’ve learned over the years,” states Fountain, “is to honor your heart and live by your heart”
“May my work bring enjoyment and happiness into your home and heart”

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