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The Artist Says:

I always want to do the right thing, but I don't always know how.


Hello, I'm René, your Artist for this Journey. 
And isn't it an amazing journey? So many places and scenes that catch the attention, that Open the heart to Love this world!
Connection to Nature is a huge part of my Heart - the Wildest of Storms, Intensely dancing Clouds, Wind singing through the Trees, Crashing waves of the Sea - Inspiration that fuels the Soul.

 I mostly dance my way through Nature's intense Beauty. Music rings through my bones, pulls me into the Dance, until even the brush in my hand is Dancing its way along.
Developing a Signature for the Art, I have found that SAM, a nickname self-chosen as a child, feels RIGHT for signing the works, and then SAM decided that it should look more like a being doing a cartwheel! 
Artists I am thankful for:
Vincent Van Gogh - amazing how life challenges resonate!
Ansel Adams - hours spent staring at his photography
William C Alexander - showed me how to use oil paints
Bob Ross - showed me how to enjoy painting
My artwork has been accepted into a local Juried Art Competition sponsored by the Olympia Arts League. The experience of needing to provide the story behind the painting has helped me with defining Emotional Impacts, Inspirations, and Methods.
I've also been accepted into the Oil Painters of America membership, where you will find a few of my works entered into the OPA Online Showcase 

The State of the Arts Gallery, in Olympia, Washington state, accepted FOUR of my works for Fine Art commission sales, during my first foray with portfolio in hand. 
The gallery owner did, indeed, inquire about the Rubber Chicken.
That Rubber Chicken was braver than me, that day.

At the Aberdeen, Washington Art Walk Festival, many collectors went home with some of my artworks. Several paintings I did as a Plein Aire performance [...]

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