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I feel strongly that a successful piece of art needs to provoke an idea or feeling. One of my favorite things is hearing what story or emotion comes to the surface for someone looking at one of my paintings. My paintings are completely "touchable" and the tactile quality of the wax entices the viewer to get physically involved with it. I want them to get lost in the flowing colors, shapes and textures I've created. My art is an expression of something from within me and it's incredibly rewarding when that resonates with something inside of someone else. To me, that personal connection is the real magic of art.
My creative journey has taken me through numerous modes of artistic expression. Over the years I have experimented with many different paints and dry mediums and explored art genres from hyper-realism to abstraction. Rather than limiting myself to a single approach in creating my art I have found the most satisfying answer for me is always constant exploration and experimentation. In the same spirit, I enjoy mixing things up in my paintings by sometimes combining abstract shapes and textures with representational elements of figures, places or situations. I am always surprised and inspired by the revelations that appear as I paint. It brings a sense of spontaneity and life to my work that would be impossible to pre-plan. The practice of experimenting and discovery maintains the feeling of wonderment that I love about making art. 
One consistent ingredient in my work is painting with encaustic wax to create rich colors and a luminous, textural depth that is unique to that medium. If you are not familiar with encaustic painting it is probably the oldest paint medium that you've never heard of. Encaustic literally means "to burn in" and dates back to ancient wall paintings [...]

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