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An artist's work is greatly influenced by the values that give meaning to life. The closeness of family, the warmth of friends, times and places in history that have shaped our heritage, special times and special people that touch our hearts and lives with meaning, an enduring faith in a loving God....... these are some of the more important influences reflected in my work. Creativity in painting is about expressing the joy I find in life and living. The subjects I paint have special meaning for me. As I share that creativity, my hope is that my art will enrich and brighten the day of those who acquire my paintings, with some of the same joy of life and living I find in creating it. Having retired from a career in architecture and construction, architecture in art also has special meaning for me.

My formative years were greatly blessed by a mother who was gifted in art and its appreciation. Her encouragement in my studies of art, design and architecture shaped my life and career from an early age. My father, a business entrepreneur, taught his children the appreciation of sound business principles based on honesty, integrity and excellence.  My greatest blessing as an artist, however, is Linda, my wife, my forever love and partner in the adventure of life. It is impossible to place a value on her contribution to my work as an artist. King Solomon said it like this, “Her value is more precious than jewels and her worth is far above rubies or pearls.” Indeed, I find it to be so.
Oil Painters of America
Outdoor Painters Society
San Antonio Art League & Museum
Art Renewal Center
American Society of Marine Artists
 My love of art began at a very early age, as I was constantly drawing and painting with watercolors [...]

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