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Through art, we have the ability to  fan the flame of justice - one individual at a time.

It has been said that a “true artist” is motivated by justice. It stands to reason, then, that societies are more likely to be future-focused and achieve full potential when their ranks include flourishing artists. What, then, is required to have a flourishing artist, that is – a rapidly and successfully developing bohemian?
There are many answers that jump to mind, but at the core is one truth that I’ve come to realize is required for me: an awakened heart. I created for many years from my mind with just a pinch or two of input from my heart; slowly, eventually, I bowed to this adage so aptly put by Marc Chagall: "If I create with my heart almost all my intentions remain. If it is with the head — almost nothing." 
The world has a knack of helping us divorce ourselves from our hearts, from our sincerity, by the use of fear. It is the job of the artist to identify when that’s happening and step into the solace of quiet meditation in order to wrestle past fear. By being present, we are able to live in the wide, open spaciousness that is available to each of us and to help others do the same.

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