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Welcome to Bad Ponies Studio and Gallery Online. 
Bad Ponies has been a brick and mortar shop on Chincoteague Island, off the Eastern Shore of Virginia since 2015. Recently we moved to a new space on Main St right next to the beautifully restored Island Theater. It is a larger space with higher ceilings and wonderful windows which allow in good light and an unending view of life unfolding along the main street of this small town.
Part of the space is also my studio and a great place to paint, surrounded by my work and the artwork of friends. It is a place to hang comfortably with friends and clients. I am also glad to represent several other regional artists.
All the work shown here are in the gallery, which is why I am showing paintings and such in their frames if they have one. That is how you would see, and perhaps buy them when you are here.  If you want to see more of of any artist represented here, please check the links page for their websites.
So until you can once again visit me and all the work at 4072 Main St, and I can say hello in person, let me extend a welcome to you here. Please, grab a cup of coffee, or wine, and enjoy all the art work you'll see here. And if something catches you enough to wish to take it home? do get in touch.
Linda M Epstein


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