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Make no mistake, the River Flows is primarily a lavish "picture book."   The artists behind those paintings each have their own stories and we have written brief glimpses into their extraordinary lives.  These are the book's "Artist Asides" segments.  Over the next several weeks, to entice you, this website will provide individual excerpts from the Artist Asides we think you will find of interest.  In addition, to get a feel for the individual artist's work, we are providing a peek at some of the book's collection of images.

Full list of artists in the book and timeline

-Joseph Alleman
Joseph Alleman’s door opens to northern Utah’s farm land, county roads, old barns, traditional homes and the Wasatch  mountains, the subjects he has painted since childhood.


-John Fawcett
Anatomy is important. Life drawing is how art students study the human body. Observation is how they usually learn about the anatomy of a horse. John Fawcett was a veterinarian for many years. He knows exactly what a horse looks like. He’s studied them inside and out.

-Teal Blake
The wild places and the cowboys are still out there; you just have to know where to look. Things are changing, and the process of documenting these changes was passed down from George Catlin through Charles Russell and the others who more or less lived the life they painted. Today, an example is Teal Blake who followed in the footsteps of his artist-cowboy father, Buckeye Blake, first in Montana and then in Texas.


-Ian Ramsay
Ian Ramsay was an architect before turning to watercolor painting. In the old days, part of the architect’s presentation process included renderings showing the client what a proposed [...]

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