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Color has an emotional impact that is mysterious and powerful.  It has become my language to express feelings and state of mind - things that are abstract by nature.  It is so often what attracts you to a piece of artwork.
I am a scientist-turned-artist, having practiced and studied art throughout my life. As an adult I abandoned a corporate career and returned to art school in Oakland, California to study glass blowing and metal-smithing. 
What's the common theme?  Fire. Fire and overalls, to be honest.  Because artwork is messy; it's physical, and it's exhilarating.
Enter encaustic.  Encaustic is a very old artistic medium of beeswax and natural damar resin.  It is melted, pigment is mixed in, and I apply it in molten state to the surface of a wood panel.  It must be applied in many thin layers and heated after every layer to ensure that it becomes a single cohesive piece.  The layers of wax are carved and scraped, creating textures and revealing details buried beneath.  The translucency of encaustic brings a liveliness and luster to art that is truly unlike any other. And I get to use my torch.
My core education was in physics and this clearly influences my style.  I strive to strip things to their essence - to communicate complexity with just a few colors and a bold composition. One visitor to my studio made the most extraordinary observation.  He looked at my work and said "I see stories here." 
Working with clients to select or design work that brings them joy is the best part of this artistic journey.
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