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Janet paints because she likes the challenge of the process.  It is always an adventure to start a painting and see where it leads.  She finds it exciting that every painting presents its own problems to be solved, and the process is never boring.  To achieve a successful result, she needs an emotional connection to her subject, such as the love for the natural beauty she sees in a particular landscape.  Art gives her a channel to express her emotions and to make a unique statement.  
Janet has loved drawing and painting since childhood, encouraged by her parents and teachers.  After a career in the Army, Janet returned to painting, which satisfies the need to create.  She has studied with many noted artists, and continues to try new techniques and grow as an artist.  Many of Janet’s paintings are inspired by the places and things seen on hikes in national parks and travels.  Landscapes, animals, and people are favorite subjects.  As a new Texan, Janet is working on a series of Texas subjects.
Although her style is evolving, Janet remains attracted to representational art, with watercolor and oil as preferred mediums.  She enjoys the spontaneity of plein air painting, but also works indoors from photos.  The friendship of other artists is important to Janet, who believes there is a benefit beyond friendship, which includes mutual support, encouragement, and mentoring.  
Janet is a member of Oil Painters of America and the River Art Group, San Antonio, TX.  


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