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Hello I'm Mark Saenger: an educator, nature enthusiast, and landscape painter. I saw Bob Ross® on PBS and knew I had to learn how to paint just like him. In the early 1990's I began learning the Bob Ross Wet on Wet method® and started my journey into the art world. 
I was fortunate to have studied with Bob Ross himself, learning his technique directly from him. I Became a certified Bob Ross instructor in 1993. Bob stayed my personal friend until he passed away in 1995. 
I then went on to teach several thousand students at over 15 stores over 10 years throughout NJ, PA, and NY. I'm sure you’ve seen Bob Ross® magically paint beautiful landscapes, happy trees, and clouds in minutes, right before your eyes. Well, it wasn’t magic. In fact, it’s a simple oil painting technique that you can learn!     
The Bob Ross Wet-on-Wet Technique® that has been featured on PBS’s “The Joy of Painting®”, Twitch, and YouTube. Now Bob’s beautiful technique is being taught by yours truly, Mark Saenger CRI®.
So, why study with me?
I learned the technique directly from Bob, his son Steve, and his right hand man, Dana Jester. I am one of the original instructors!
Teaching classes and selling my work is my full-time occupation. I have the years of experience and teaching under my belt. I'm patient, understanding, and remember what it's like to be a beginner. I learned the correct way to do the techniques used by Bob on TV. 
My previous career for over 20 years was teaching ultrasound in a private medical school. I understand how to teach effectively and relate to students. I'm easy going and very approachable... so ask me questions and as many as you want! My classes are both fun and educational. 
So let’s paint happy trees!
 learn more about my classes & private lessons. Remember that there are no mistakes, just happy accidents!

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