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     I have been an artist ever since I was a child. My first passion was drawing with graphite pencil. This helped me with accuracy and value because, of course, you are working in black and white. In middle school I progressed into colored pencil, ink and some use of art markers. It wasn't until 2015 that I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried painting. I took an art class with wildlife artist Edward Aldrich and from there my love of the paintbrush took off.
     I live in the Four Corners of the United States. It is a place that people from all over the world come to visit. Not only for its natural beauty but for the numerous state parks that offer otherworldly landscapes and ancient Native American ruins. It has been my great joy to paint these landscapes. I work almost exclusively with a night time color palette. I strive to be different and blaze my own trail. I also love showing people the beauty of night which is the other part of our day that many people don't even think about. There are so many gorgeous colors and ideas to use when it comes to painting nightscapes and I love the challenge of color mixing.
    I also paint wildlife and the occasional commissioned portrait. However, my passion is the mystery of night and sunset. My goal is realism and a touch of the abstract in my paintings. This enables the viewer to appreciate night and enables them to see more colors than would be possible if actually viewing them in the dark. It is my hope to draw the viewer in and create interest. It has been great fun to mold the landscape into a darker and more moody setting. I hope everyone can find appreciation [...]

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