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Patricia Martin began her career as an artist painting enormous pieces, the smallest measuring eight feet and ranging up to 100 ft. She owned her own shop and produced work for film, theater and corporate events. Her clients included The International Olympic Commitee, The Hard Rock Cafe, Toyota, and The American Cancer Society.
After many productive years, she tired of commercial work and was pulled to create from her heart and soul, to make pieces that evoked love more than awe. She turned to painting things that caught her eye or touched her— animals, nature, structures in dramatic light, to name a few.
When she realized her skillset was not geared towards producing much smaller pieces that would meet with her same high standards, she sought help. Teachers like Charles Miano, Lyn Boyer, Joanne Mangi helped her learn and hone her skills. Then with hundreds of hours of practice she began producing work she could be proud of and would want to show.
These pieces are the work resulting from Patricia’s new path. You can see the excitement she finds as she views the world around her, and you can feel the joy she brings to the canvas with her skill and her vision.
Artist's Statement 
As the daughter of a cartoonist, I grew up understanding the impact of moment deftly portrayed. 
All sentient beings have emotions, personalities and idiosyncrasies built on stories individual to them, and yet these same stories could have been told at any point in history.  It is the consciousness of each being that bears the tale; time and place are mere details.
With this thought in mind, I have worked to become a painter who searches for the spirit of each subject and bring it to life on the canvas; attempting to find that immortal spark and have a bit of it shine [...]

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