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                             “So when you look at Septum do you see a space station or bongo drums?”

   I have always been attracted to the visual arts, both onstage and off. I am a retired stagehand, specializing in lighting and set design, but my love of visuals dates back to my teen years. Teachers praised my linoleum carving and wood inlay. Their compliments and encouragement “set the stage” for my future life, creating worlds and artistry in theatres across the country and across the years.
   While attending scenic design classes, I started painting abstracts… just a few a year, experimenting with different media. All those early works are gone; when a friend admired a piece, it usually went home with them. After retiring from my theatre and teaching careers I started painting in oils regularly.
   What inspires me? It might be an interesting color combination or configuration of shapes. With the application of paint, rough sketches become so much more! I paint pictures I like seeing in my own home: whimsical, intriguing, imaginative, original, and unique.  One of the delights of abstract art is that its meaning is in the eye of the beholder, as well as the mind of the artist… and BOTH of us are right!
   What fun!


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