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Ever since I was a young child I have had a strong desire to create art. I have always loved nature and the beauty of our world and I eventually combined my love of painting and found my passion: ‘plein aire’ or painting outdoors. My desire is to capture the beauty of the four seasons in different lighting conditions. I am inspired by the French Impressionists as well as the Canadian Seven, all of them amazing artists who worked on location, trying to capture a particular moment in time.
I earned a bachelor of art degree and have taken many workshops with nationally acclaimed artists. I am a member of several art groups such as the Minnesota Arts Association and the Outdoor Painters of MInnesota. Currently my medium of choice is oil paint on canvas or board. My painting style is impressionistic, and I have been described as a colorist.
Many times I will do small oil studies on location and use these as a reference for a larger studio painting. I can be found deep in the woods, on the beach, or knee deep in snow with my trusty easel and paints, at all hours of the day. At times I have resorted to painting inside my van when the wind whips up or the rain decides to make an appearance. One of the greatest compliments I have received from a collector was that she told me she wanted to jump into my painting and walk down the snowy path she felt that I had created just for her. Thank you for supporting me and I deeply hope my work touches you with the beauty of our world.

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