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Instead of giving up, I worked harder. I gained an edge and a new perspective on life – I became wise and weathered.  And most importantly, I refused to live in the shadows of my contemporaries.
It would be best if you remembered that behind every good thing, there usually is a significant struggle that produced it.
If contempt for your surroundings and your current situation is all you have in your life - use it. No one can give you permission to succeed - it's a solo journey. 


Born in 1973, fine artist Eric Armusik grew up in the northeastern coal region of Pennsylvania. Once one of the largest coal mining operations in the county, his hometown was a landscape riddled with the depressions of post-industry. In contrast to the blight was a diverse ethnic community strong in faith. What the community lacked in public art and museums it made up for it with churches on each city block. It was there that Eric had his first experiences with art, staring at the walls and ceilings at church on Sunday. The traditions and academic realism of Catholic religious paintings and artwork made a permanent impression that continues to influence his work today.From an early age, it was evident that Eric had artistic talents and at the age of 10 he won an art competition "Why I love living in the Wyoming Valley" that included students from all of the surrounding schools and his drawing of the Swetland Homestead was exhibited in the Franklin First Federal Building in downtown Wilkes Barre. His talents continued to win him numerous competitions and in 1990 he was awarded for his contribution to the Arts by Wilkes University where he attended their Upward Bound program.In 1991, Eric attended Pennsylvania State University, where he earned a B. F. A. in painting, with and a minor in art history focusing on Baroque art. In 1995 he received the Margaret Giffen Shoenfelder Memorial Scholarship for the Arts and finished his art history minor abroad for a semester in Todi, Italy. During his art classes where he drew from original paintings, architecture, and sculptures by the old masters such as Michaelangelo, Bernini, Caravaggio, Rubens, and Donatello. The rare opportunity to study masterworks by Baroque painters Caravaggio and Artemisia Gentileschi had a profound effect on the quality of his [...]

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