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I have been creating art since I was a young child. Growing up in a family surrounded by professional musicians and creatives, my natural artistic abilities were always encouraged and nurtured. Inspired by the Old Masters, I was classically trained in oil painting at the Minnesota River School of Fine Art from 1998-2005. There is evidence of the Atelier training in my style, yet I try to include a contemporary energy in my work to keep it current. My passion lies in the figure and portrait with texture, landscape, and rich color as complimentary elements. 
I have been a portrait artist, photographer, and educator for decades now and still enjoy all disciplines. Having enjoyed a thriving portrait studio for the past 25 years I have recently chosen to dedicate the majority of my time to my first and greatest passion, freehand painting. I still accept a limited number of photographic portrait clients and utilizes my experience with both portrait photography and lighting in the creation of freehand portraits. I continue to study both disciplines and hosts art retreats at The Nest in Apple Valley MN, (my home/studio) as well as teaching workshops on location.
My most recent works are created in encaustic wax and oils. I am drawn to the sculptural quality in both the encaustic and cold wax having first discovered wax as a medium in the "lost wax method" of creating bronze sculpture. In this method the wax is used to create an original sculpture from which the finished bronze piece is cast. The tools used for sculpting in wax are amongst the many tools used for both encaustic and cold wax painting. 
 My artistic aspiration is to connect with and engage the viewer through the visual language of my paintings. With multiple layers of paint and wax I endeavor [...]

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