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Hayley grant that I may always desire more than I can Shortridge was born in in 1982.  At age 8 her family relocated to where  parents opened several stores and art galleries. Though Hayley is the youngest daughter of the
nationally acclaimed artist, Stephen Charles Shortridge, she was completely
unaware of her abilities in the arts. 
Early in life she followed athletic pursuits ranging from ballet to
basketball.  She also won a talent
scholarship for singing as the runner up in Junior went on to play college
soccer on scholarship at She studied abroad in five months, permitting her to travel all over immerse herself in the culture.  She
loves to experience everything life has to offer and says, Its exciting to take
risks.  When Ive reached the end of my
life I want to know I held nothing back; that I squeezed out every last bit of
my potential.  I am willing to risk
failure to find out that potential.
In 2004, after graduating with a
degree in Management and Organizational Communications, Hayley acted upon her
desire to travel the world embarking on a three month backpacking trip
throughout Being blessed with the ability to visit
many of the renowned galleries in the world, she was able to see and study the
works of the old masters in person, awakening in her a new appreciation for the
art of painting. This exposure to the worlds most talented artists inspired
her to begin her quest of expressing her view of life through immediately struck a chord
among viewers and within her first year of painting was chosen as one of the
few artists to be represented on the hit ABC series Extreme Makeover: Home
Edition when they came to the She is humbled when people take in interest
in her work.  I love to [...]

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